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After she bumps into her ex she’s really excited about how thrown off he is. She thinks that he’s impressed that she managed to get in but really he’s being awkward for another reason. She goes to this class and the teacher is really obnoxious. She hasn’t read the books that she needed to read because she didn’t know, so the professor asks one of the girls to think of what to do with her. This uptight girl says she should leave the class if she anyway doesn’t know the material. Elle is shocked that somebody can be so rude but she gets up and leaves the class. After she’s left she storms out onto this bench where this guy overhear her. He starts talking to her and giving her advice on all the different professors. Just then her ex walks up to them and is like oh hey. She starts playing coy and activating her plan to get him back. Just then, the girl that suggested to throw her out of class walks up behind him. He introduces them and she makes it really awkward by revealing that they’re engaged. It’s so uncomfortable. Their relationship isn’t even cold yet and he’s already engaged to somebody else. It literally makes no sense. And she didn’t even know that Elle existed and Elle didn’t know that Vivian existed so Warner is clearly just going what brings him close to his picture perfect life. He can’t really care much for either of them because if he did he wouldn’t be engaged already. If liked Elle enough he would need some real time to get over her. And if he liked Vivian enough, he wouldn’t have gotten engaged to her so soon. The whole situation is just really awkward because you get the vibes that Warner is just not using his head. Also Vivian is really mean so it just makes matters worse. When they leave, Elle storms off and starts driving in her car looking for a nail salon.

Nail salons are like her form of therapy. I think it’s really important that everyone has their way to therapeute themselves. It’s essentially self-care. Although, getting your nails done is better because there is actually somebody to talk to and listen on the other side. Maybe that’s why people get their hair done after a break up. It helps them to get over it because they have someone there to talk to who can hear them out, and all you have to do is pay for a haircut. There  are other times when you obviously need to see a professional but sometimes you just need someone to listen to you who isn’t your friend.

So. she goes to get her nails done and as she’s talking to this girl she realizes that she just needs to ignore this new girl and focus on getting him back. If they’re meant to be together then they will be together.

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