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Makeup Artist with Tips to Make a Person Look Younger

Using light and shadow to change perception is a time-honored tradition. They use it in movies, theatre, and even in the world of makeup. The games between light and shadow are part of the secret to younger-looking makeup. In the hands of a skilled makeup artist, no person is too old. There’s reason to believe that you can fix your complexion and restore your youth through makeup alone, without having to worry about invasive procedures that do a more permanent job. I think that there’s something to be said for not making a big deal about the fact that you’re aging. When looking to do your makeup as you age, it should be more about maintaining a healthy complexion as opposed to a youthful one. There is way too much emphasis put on the fact that women need to keep their looks below a certain age. This only adds salt to injury when it comes to the aging process. Your body as to put up with so much other changes, keeping this in check is just an added weight. The truth is that it’s not about looking younger, but about keeping your body healthy.

One of the things which make us look much older is darkness in the sunken areas of our face, e.g. under the eyes, the crease in our cheeks. These need to be lightened as a first action. Next, it is recommended to cause the cheekbones to stand out more, by applying light powder on the cheekbones themselves and darker powder in the indentation under the cheekbones. Don’t overdo it with the dark powder though because you don’t want to pronounce your sunken cheekbones, which can often happen naturally with age.

Older skin is more wrinkled, so using too much makeup is not recommended. It can inadvertently cause the wrinkles to appear larger. Before applying makeup, use a silicone-based primer, followed by a thin layer of liquid makeup. The more moisture the better. My friends aunt once had her makeup done for a wedding and they completely caked her face. This left her skin first of all looking totally discolored, and also pronounced her wrinkles. It’s not a good idea to cake your face with makeup as you age because the makeup just falls into every crevice.

Regarding type: use matte colored powders, as opposed to shiny ones. The latter group could cause creases and wrinkles to stand out more than they would otherwise.

Older makeup is characterized by emphasizing the eyes and lips. For a younger look, go either with bold lipstick and gentle eye makeup, or alternatively nude lipstick and dark eye shadow or dark eyeliner. Honestly, I would be inclined to go with the first look because I feel that wearing dark eye makeup when your older only serves to highlight how old you are. It tends to pronounce your hooded eyes and make your eyes look smaller rather than edgy.

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