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The Essential Argan

Shampoo with whatever you want, but when it comes time to slather on the conditioner, be sure – I mean do it! – to check out an argan conditioner. Argan essential oil is becoming more popular every day. It seems that people are constantly discovering its power, and after a while it becomes a thing where they cannot understand how it is that they got along without it for such a long time.

Whether it is for treating dryness or dandruff or stimulating hair growth. There is so much that argan can do for your hair and your scalp. Whenever you pick up a vial of argan essential oil, or use a bottle of natural argan shampoo, you are continuing a tradition that has spanned so many generations. The argan tree is named the tree of life in its native Morocco and Algir. The people there who produce the argan oil, still do it by hand. Can you believe that? For this reason, the UN designated the argan tree as a protected tree, and is taking steps so that this tree keeps on flourishing.

So, look. It is not easy to take care of hair. There are so many things which are involved in helping it grow and maintain its vitality. You need to think about where you live, the weather, the diet you are taking part in, your overall lifestyle. Like it or not these are things which affect hair. It is not an easy thing. But, if you decide to take some steps to remedy your hair and scalp, you will find that there are so many good, high quality products out there, all looking for you!

Now, with natural products, there is no quick fix. It takes time. A quality natural product – others exist by the millions, it seems – will not replace your body’s processes or its own oil (the sebum) with a formula. A good conditioner will allow your hair to do its own thing, and will kind of tweak it in an optimal way. Because of this, you need to avoid conditioning every day. You should also avoid shampooing every day. You need to let your body express what it truly wants to do, if only to get a sense of your hair type, scalp type, and general progression. Maple holistics Argan oil conditioner is the best one on the market and you should definately check it out.

Whatever it is that you end up doing, you need to make sure to condition at least once every two or three weeks. And, while you can certainly use anything you want, there are a few substances which have been proven to help out in many hair-related conditions. Natural products are about trial and error. They normally don’t have all of those other chemicals which commercially available supermarket-aisle products contain. This is a different story altogether. Is it perfect? No. It may take you some time to find out which shampoo or conditioner does the best for you. But, if you have any doubt about argan, send away for something free, and see how it affects your hair.

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Billion Dollar Baby

How is it that we find ourselves living in an age with so many products specifically in the cosmetics realm. Hundreds of years ago only the elite could get their hands on products that helped with one’s appearance and overall skin health. In modern times that is no longer the case. We all have been brought up in affluent societies which have broken down the barrier of the class structure. Sure there is still inequality and whether that is just or not is up for debate but in the United States you are free to go to a store and buy whichever shampoo or lipstick you want provided you have the money.

The cosmetics industry is a billion dollar business and it is built on the western ideal of beauty. We want to stay young forever and cannot fathom our appearance wilting away. So we willingly hand over our paychecks for expensive shampoos and creams that offer us the dream of younger skin and smoother faces. There is evidence to show that certain cosmetics will actually do that and the thing is we are realizing more and more that natural may be best for us. That is because for centuries that is what our ancestors have used. They used oils that they extracted form leaves and nuts and berries. These natural concoctions allowed them to protect themselves from various things like skin disease and sickness. People back then were not as interested in looks although there seemed to be a definite need for some form of attraction. If we were to go back there we would probably be rather disgusted. They didn’t shower as often and the smell was probably repugnant. We tend to think that things have always been the way they are now and that is just not the case. We have forgotten where we have come from and it has made us have high expectations. That is why the cosmetic industry is so huge. We expect to stay young forever and we will dish out copious amounts of money to achieve this goal.


This is not to say you can’t prevent premature aging, you can. When you keep your skin moisturized with things like coconut oil and castor oil you can keep your skin smooth and healthy. But the honest truth is that we all grow old and our skin loses elasticity. We must come to grips with this cold hard fact. We want to live longer without the consequences involved with living that long. That technology has not been invented yet but when it has I’ll write about it. For now we are relegated to using natural cosmetics and shampoos from places like MapleHolistics.comthat protect our skin and hair in the short term. There is no stopping companies from producing cleaner and more natural soaps and lotions and the market is only getting more and more saturated. At this point it comes down to clever marketing and a know-how of how consumers shop in order to become leaders in the pack.

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