What Happens When Parents Favor One Child Over Another?

A lot of parents tend to favor one child over another whether consciously or unconsciously and the effects can have serious long-term effects on the psychological makeup of both children. There are a lot of reasons for this, sometimes it’s a cultural thing, other times the parent just seems to have a better connection with one child over another or sees more of themselves in one child than another. The problem is that children are a lot more sensitive than we tend to realize and they can pick up on slight changes in tone, body language and more obvious things a parent spending more time exclusively with their sibling, giving them more attention or benefits (toys, money etc.) as well as comparisons parents might make between children (“why aren’t you more like x” or “you should have done that like y’ etc.).. This tends to create a type of pain in children that they cannot often describe and will cause them to act out in ways that may have negative consequences for both themselves and the rest of the family. When children feel as though they’re being neglected, they tend to act out more violently or become completely withdrawn (this is a spectrum and every child will react differently). Some children will start to bully their siblings (the ones who get more attention) or will throw tantrums etc.

This can continue into their teenage years as well, as they’ll be more likely to start doing drugs, become violent towards other children or are more likely to suffer from depression than those who get enough healthy attention and love from their parents. As a parent it’s important that you try to be as fair as possible and stay objective when it comes to raising your kids. Whether you have more of a connection with one child or not, you should always point out the benefits that both bring to the family and try to promote their strengths, not constantly point out their flaws. This helps to build good character and will encourage a better bond between siblings, rather than strife and negative competition (such as competing for a parents attention or love – as this can generate a lot of hate between siblings). Parents should always check themselves and if children start acting out, it’s important that you take a step back and analyze your role in the situation. While some children may simply be ‘problem children’, the truth is that more often than not their actions are connected to something in their home environment that’s causing them to feel stress or pain that they often struggle to express because they don’t have the emotional vocabulary to do so. Think about your actions and inactions (which may be difficult, but seeing a therapist can help) and always talk to your children in an open and honest way. When they feel that they’re being heard, they’re more likely to find healthier ways of dealing with their pain, than falling back on negative habits or unhealthy actions.

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Makeup Artist with Tips to Make a Person Look Younger

Using light and shadow to change perception is a time-honored tradition. They use it in movies, theatre, and even in the world of makeup. The games between light and shadow are part of the secret to younger-looking makeup. In the hands of a skilled makeup artist, no person is too old. There’s reason to believe that you can fix your complexion and restore your youth through makeup alone, without having to worry about invasive procedures that do a more permanent job. I think that there’s something to be said for not making a big deal about the fact that you’re aging. When looking to do your makeup as you age, it should be more about maintaining a healthy complexion as opposed to a youthful one. There is way too much emphasis put on the fact that women need to keep their looks below a certain age. This only adds salt to injury when it comes to the aging process. Your body as to put up with so much other changes, keeping this in check is just an added weight. The truth is that it’s not about looking younger, but about keeping your body healthy.

One of the things which make us look much older is darkness in the sunken areas of our face, e.g. under the eyes, the crease in our cheeks. These need to be lightened as a first action. Next, it is recommended to cause the cheekbones to stand out more, by applying light powder on the cheekbones themselves and darker powder in the indentation under the cheekbones. Don’t overdo it with the dark powder though because you don’t want to pronounce your sunken cheekbones, which can often happen naturally with age.

Older skin is more wrinkled, so using too much makeup is not recommended. It can inadvertently cause the wrinkles to appear larger. Before applying makeup, use a silicone-based primer, followed by a thin layer of liquid makeup. The more moisture the better. My friends aunt once had her makeup done for a wedding and they completely caked her face. This left her skin first of all looking totally discolored, and also pronounced her wrinkles. It’s not a good idea to cake your face with makeup as you age because the makeup just falls into every crevice.

Regarding type: use matte colored powders, as opposed to shiny ones. The latter group could cause creases and wrinkles to stand out more than they would otherwise.

Older makeup is characterized by emphasizing the eyes and lips. For a younger look, go either with bold lipstick and gentle eye makeup, or alternatively nude lipstick and dark eye shadow or dark eyeliner. Honestly, I would be inclined to go with the first look because I feel that wearing dark eye makeup when your older only serves to highlight how old you are. It tends to pronounce your hooded eyes and make your eyes look smaller rather than edgy.

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2001 Movies

After she bumps into her ex she’s really excited about how thrown off he is. She thinks that he’s impressed that she managed to get in but really he’s being awkward for another reason. She goes to this class and the teacher is really obnoxious. She hasn’t read the books that she needed to read because she didn’t know, so the professor asks one of the girls to think of what to do with her. This uptight girl says she should leave the class if she anyway doesn’t know the material. Elle is shocked that somebody can be so rude but she gets up and leaves the class. After she’s left she storms out onto this bench where this guy overhear her. He starts talking to her and giving her advice on all the different professors. Just then her ex walks up to them and is like oh hey. She starts playing coy and activating her plan to get him back. Just then, the girl that suggested to throw her out of class walks up behind him. He introduces them and she makes it really awkward by revealing that they’re engaged. It’s so uncomfortable. Their relationship isn’t even cold yet and he’s already engaged to somebody else. It literally makes no sense. And she didn’t even know that Elle existed and Elle didn’t know that Vivian existed so Warner is clearly just going what brings him close to his picture perfect life. He can’t really care much for either of them because if he did he wouldn’t be engaged already. If liked Elle enough he would need some real time to get over her. And if he liked Vivian enough, he wouldn’t have gotten engaged to her so soon. The whole situation is just really awkward because you get the vibes that Warner is just not using his head. Also Vivian is really mean so it just makes matters worse. When they leave, Elle storms off and starts driving in her car looking for a nail salon.

Nail salons are like her form of therapy. I think it’s really important that everyone has their way to therapeute themselves. It’s essentially self-care. Although, getting your nails done is better because there is actually somebody to talk to and listen on the other side. Maybe that’s why people get their hair done after a break up. It helps them to get over it because they have someone there to talk to who can hear them out, and all you have to do is pay for a haircut. There  are other times when you obviously need to see a professional but sometimes you just need someone to listen to you who isn’t your friend.

So. she goes to get her nails done and as she’s talking to this girl she realizes that she just needs to ignore this new girl and focus on getting him back. If they’re meant to be together then they will be together.

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The Limitations of Sarcasm

The limitations of sarcasm are unfortunately many. When you’re sarcastic and people take you seriously it can create a seriously uncomfortable situation. For example, one time my friend was coming to stay at my house and she innocently asked me if I had a washing machine in my house. “No”, I replied with a complimentary eye-roll that she couldn’t appreciate because the conversation was over the phone. I went on with my day and she went on with her packing. What does she mean “do you have a washing machine?”, obviously I do! I don’t think that I actually know anybody who doesn’t, so I didn’t think much of the conversation.

She comes to my house a couple days later and blows my mind right out of its packaging. She walks in and immediately looks around, surveying her surroundings. She inhales an indignant breath of air before incredulously yelling “you do have a washing machine and dryer!”. I look at her and blink. She blinks back. I nod my head slowly. “Yes. Of course, we have a washing machine and dryer”.  She throws her head back in frustration and, dragging her ridiculously heavy suitcase, let’s me know that she brought extra clothes because she thought she wasn’t going to be able to do any washing while she was here. I immediately burst out laughing and can’t stop for about five minutes. She wasn’t impressed. She had brought extra hoodies and coats, all things that take up a lot of space as well as weight in her case. But it taught her a good lesson – don’t trust your friends. And I think just for this the whole ordeal, sarcasm included, was worth it.

The next day at work I told my colleague this story and we had a good laugh at her expense. Anyway, this was just an example of when sarcasm can hit you in the face. But actually, it made quite a good story so really is that bad after all? I don’t think so. Other times when sarcasm can be negative is if you’re talking to your boss and you roll your eyes with a sarcastic comment. That might not go down so well. But you can give it a try and let me know how it goes for you. you might have more luck than I had with my last job – who am I to judge your sarcasm skills or your bosses’ sense of humor?

There’s nothing stopping you from intentionally offending people with your sarcasm. It’s a gift and a curse. You can pretend to be sarcastic when you’re really trying to make a point. Or just use it as a witty retort. It’s not a limitation until you make it a limitation. And those are famous words to live by. The same goes for your sarcasm. If you want it to offend it can be a great weapon. Just don’t let it hit you in the face on the way out. if you know what I mean.

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The Essential Argan

Shampoo with whatever you want, but when it comes time to slather on the conditioner, be sure – I mean do it! – to check out an argan conditioner. Argan essential oil is becoming more popular every day. It seems that people are constantly discovering its power, and after a while it becomes a thing where they cannot understand how it is that they got along without it for such a long time.

Whether it is for treating dryness or dandruff or stimulating hair growth. There is so much that argan can do for your hair and your scalp. Whenever you pick up a vial of argan essential oil, or use a bottle of natural argan shampoo, you are continuing a tradition that has spanned so many generations. The argan tree is named the tree of life in its native Morocco and Algir. The people there who produce the argan oil, still do it by hand. Can you believe that? For this reason, the UN designated the argan tree as a protected tree, and is taking steps so that this tree keeps on flourishing.

So, look. It is not easy to take care of hair. There are so many things which are involved in helping it grow and maintain its vitality. You need to think about where you live, the weather, the diet you are taking part in, your overall lifestyle. Like it or not these are things which affect hair. It is not an easy thing. But, if you decide to take some steps to remedy your hair and scalp, you will find that there are so many good, high quality products out there, all looking for you!

Now, with natural products, there is no quick fix. It takes time. A quality natural product – others exist by the millions, it seems – will not replace your body’s processes or its own oil (the sebum) with a formula. A good conditioner will allow your hair to do its own thing, and will kind of tweak it in an optimal way. Because of this, you need to avoid conditioning every day. You should also avoid shampooing every day. You need to let your body express what it truly wants to do, if only to get a sense of your hair type, scalp type, and general progression. Maple holistics Argan oil conditioner is the best one on the market and you should definately check it out.

Whatever it is that you end up doing, you need to make sure to condition at least once every two or three weeks. And, while you can certainly use anything you want, there are a few substances which have been proven to help out in many hair-related conditions. Natural products are about trial and error. They normally don’t have all of those other chemicals which commercially available supermarket-aisle products contain. This is a different story altogether. Is it perfect? No. It may take you some time to find out which shampoo or conditioner does the best for you. But, if you have any doubt about argan, send away for something free, and see how it affects your hair.

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Billion Dollar Baby

How is it that we find ourselves living in an age with so many products specifically in the cosmetics realm. Hundreds of years ago only the elite could get their hands on products that helped with one’s appearance and overall skin health. In modern times that is no longer the case. We all have been brought up in affluent societies which have broken down the barrier of the class structure. Sure there is still inequality and whether that is just or not is up for debate but in the United States you are free to go to a store and buy whichever shampoo or lipstick you want provided you have the money.

The cosmetics industry is a billion dollar business and it is built on the western ideal of beauty. We want to stay young forever and cannot fathom our appearance wilting away. So we willingly hand over our paychecks for expensive shampoos and creams that offer us the dream of younger skin and smoother faces. There is evidence to show that certain cosmetics will actually do that and the thing is we are realizing more and more that natural may be best for us. That is because for centuries that is what our ancestors have used. They used oils that they extracted form leaves and nuts and berries. These natural concoctions allowed them to protect themselves from various things like skin disease and sickness. People back then were not as interested in looks although there seemed to be a definite need for some form of attraction. If we were to go back there we would probably be rather disgusted. They didn’t shower as often and the smell was probably repugnant. We tend to think that things have always been the way they are now and that is just not the case. We have forgotten where we have come from and it has made us have high expectations. That is why the cosmetic industry is so huge. We expect to stay young forever and we will dish out copious amounts of money to achieve this goal.


This is not to say you can’t prevent premature aging, you can. When you keep your skin moisturized with things like coconut oil and castor oil you can keep your skin smooth and healthy. But the honest truth is that we all grow old and our skin loses elasticity. We must come to grips with this cold hard fact. We want to live longer without the consequences involved with living that long. That technology has not been invented yet but when it has I’ll write about it. For now we are relegated to using natural cosmetics and shampoos from places like MapleHolistics.comthat protect our skin and hair in the short term. There is no stopping companies from producing cleaner and more natural soaps and lotions and the market is only getting more and more saturated. At this point it comes down to clever marketing and a know-how of how consumers shop in order to become leaders in the pack.

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9 MM Pistols



When I get to the range, there are two things I immediately do: stop and sniff. Stop – meaning I make a mental break from anything and everything, to the best of my abilities. I take a deep breath or two. Because here, I come to practice and hone my skills. Skills that could potentially save my life or another. And sniff – meaning I take that oh-so-distinctive scent of gun powder deep into my soul. Doing these two things helps my training. I’ve been doing this forever, so it isn’t as if I can compare it to a time before I did this.

I arrive, un-shoulder my range bag, set things up, then take a small break for breathing and taking it all in. This works more in indoor ranges, but the outer ones work just as well. If there is a place where I feel comfortable, it is at the range. There is nothing – seriously nothing – like squeezing off those rounds. Feeling the power of a bullet as it exits the chamber at breakneck speed. The targets here are made of paper, but the ones out there will be the very opposite. Flesh, blood, bone, and tissue. Just an absolute casserole of carnage. Especially that exit wound, man. A 9mm hits like a mo-fo. Talk about stopping power.

I don’t really put faith in stopping power. I believe that if you get a center mass hit with a projectile, the target should be neutralized regardless of the chosen caliber. After the whole Miami shootout of 1986, the FBI changed calibers a couple of times. I don’t blame them, I mean they had to appear to be doing something after that all went to hell.

Government agents are one thing, and everyday civilians are another. In fact, the FBI is going to probably go with 9mm again now. There has been talk of a major contract with Glock. I am not sure of when all of this is going to go down. We’ll see. Either way, stopping power is subjective. I feel that if you are a good shot, and if you ACT on time, one shot will be enough to do anything. All of this talk of extended firepower in a personal-defense handgun is somewhat inconsequential. If you fail to neutralize your target after a few rounds, then it will probably make no difference, you know? Check out Gunivore for all of your gun needs.

Nothing can truly prepare you for your first real armed encounter. The mind’s “fight or flight” mechanism is thrust into action, and you do what your instincts tell you to do. I am talking about regular civilians, mostly, but even military training doesn’t guarantee you won’t be running. When the moment comes, you may act totally normal, or you may begin to shut down a bit: eyes, ears, touch. These may become more difficult to deal with, and they may act differently. Like I said, a person never knows what will be. It depends on many factors, and practice can help those who stand their ground to come out victorious.

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